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DWI and Substance Abuse Counseling Services

abstinenceLifeline Counseling Center, at 373 W. Main St. Forest City, NC is a licensed and state-approved facility authorized to provide all types of substance abuse services, specializing in DWI/DUI Substance Abuse Assessments, classes and counseling groups.

Licensed therapist, Jeff Wells, LCAS, SAP is a DMV Evaluator and is DOT (Federal) Certified as a Substance Abuse Professional to work with individuals who have failed urine/blood drug screens. A program will be recommended involving individual and group meetings that will accommodate your schedule and assist you in the challenges you face.

sobrietyLifeline Counseling Center provides counseling and specializes in treating individuals struggling with maintaining sobriety. Our counselor will assist you in creating a plan that works by helping you set short and long term measurable goals. Lifeline Counseling Center will offer constructive feedback, insight, and guidance as you navigate through your recovery.

The healing approach used by Jeff Wells at Lifeline Counseling Center helps you build lasting results. His approach to your substance abuse treatment is based on years of research, providing a complete program to encourage your recovery.